More often than not, you can see an oily film on my face due to overactive sebum secretion to overcompensate my dehydrated skin.

And any beauty consultants, dermatologists or beauty mags worth their skincare advice, will tell you that it is not wise to use a cleanser for oily skin for combination or dehydrated skin for the former can cause the dehydrated or dry parts of your skin to be worse.

But because I had bought the BeautiControl Skinlogics Clear Deep Cleansing Gel (don’t ask me why), I had to use it so as not to waste money. Not to worry, I’m not going to tell you a horror story. I’m just gonna share my thoughts after using this product for a good five or six months! Imust say the Deep Cleansing Gel, meant for acne-prone skin, really does a good job of cleansing the skin well. A little bit of it goes a long way. I use it day and night as a regular cleanser and my skin doesn’t feel taut and dry as long as I moisturize. And sometimes when I’m too lazy or tired to slap on some moisturizers, my skin is still ok – no feelings or signs of excess dryness. As with any skincare regime, it’s essential to do the minimum cleanse-and-moisturize routine on a daily basis. Being superlazy, I just use the cleanser and that’s it. No moisturizers, serum, whatever. And that’s why my skin is looking and feeling like crap. I’m happy with Skinlogics Clear Deep Cleansing Gel but I don’t think I will repurchase it as it can be drying for my dehydrated skin over long term use. Perhaps using it once a week is still ok.

Image from BeautiControl website

If you have oily skin or would like to get a deep cleansing gel, you may want to try out BeautiControl Skinlogics Clear Deep Cleansing Gel. Feel free to email me at to enquire more about the product.